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  • TOYS THAT TEACH: Studies show that connect-the-dot puzzles are one of the best tools for teaching children a multitude of high level skills. With up to 1,400 dots in some puzzles, the Extreme Dot to Dot books from MindWare are effective at helping children learn advanced levels of counting. Its’s also incredibly useful for teaching special awareness and the benefits of patience and planning.
  • FUN IMAGES: With MindWareâ€s Extreme Dot to Dot books, every page is a mystery! As your little one solves each puzzle, the hidden images are revealed. Whether it’s Hercules, a Leprechaun or Jack Frost there’s a world of fun pictures waiting to be discovered.
  • CHALLENGING PUZZLES: These connect-the-dots puzzles are sure to challenge and engage any user. Designed to stimulate visually and mentally, our puzzle book can be done individually for an increased level of cognitive challenge or as a group for a team building exercise.
  • DISPLAY YOUR ART: Once your child is done filling in the awesome pictures based on the key, make sure he or she gets creative by colouring the corresponding unnumbered spaces using their own unique style. There’s no guidelines for the white space, so your child can let his or her creative side out and amaze with unique interpretations. Make sure to put their art on display once they’re done!

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