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This cute colourful and animal themed waste paper bin is perfect for a toddler’s bedroom or playroom. Made from durable, high quality, reinforced cardboard with a high gloss lamination finish, it is somewhere our toddlers can put their rubbish so keeping rooms tidy!. It is lightweight so easy to move and store away, yet incredibly strong. It is also dry erase so you can use marker pens and it wipes straight off (ensure you use semi-permanent marker pens!).

Very simple to put together, this product is assembled using an easy snap together system, so no tools are necessary, and with no sharp edges, it can also be folded flat if required. A simple wipe clean is all that is needed with a damp cloth, and as it is 100% recyclable and made with more than 60% recycled paper, it is eco-friendly too, so you are also doing your bit for the environment.

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